Monday, July 20, 2009

A Warm Bright Smile

It is Hugh Gittens, lead chef at Texas Health Fort Worth, again. I wanted to share a story that has inspired me - and I hope it will inspire you.
In 1984 Mr. Tekle & Mrs. Kudusan Hagos arrived in Fort Worth, Texas from Eretria, East Africa; where Mr. Hagos was a pharmacist. Immediately after arriving Mr. Hagos began life here in Fort Worth working at Kentucky Fried Chicken while attending UTA, earning a degree in biochemistry and later on computer science. They instilled their hard work and values in their son, Isaac Hagos (Pictured Above), who was born in the United States in 1988. He works at our hospital as a host, serving healing meals to patients with a warm bright smile. Isaac is known for his courtesy, compassion and attentiveness towards patients. Isaac acknowledges that this is the first job that he has had, where the culture “feels sincere”. That feeling translates to his commitment to a patient first attitude. Isaac is known as the young man with the warm smile and sense of purpose in our Heart Center Isaac is currently attending Tarrant County Community College and plans to transfer to UTA to complete his degree in criminal justice. In the meantime, he plans to continue ensuring that healing meals are served on his watch.

Below are pictures of Isaac's co-workers living out their mission to provide healthy and tasty food for our patients. Did you know that they prepare more than 1600 patient meals a day?

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  1. I see you Isaac! so my co-worker really did have a blog eh ? haha
    finally found the blog =)
    - Marian