Monday, July 27, 2009

The Steece Quads Flying High Above the Metroplex

Many of you know or may follow Suzanne Steece's blog. She is the "quad mom" who delivered at our hospital almost two years ago. Well, her family was chosen to be in our latest ad campaign. For those of you who do not know her story, here is a snapshot of her pregnancy and delivery.

Suzanne and her husband, Joe, prayed for one child - but were blessed with four! They struggled to conceive and took one round of clomid (a fertility medication) and got pregnant with quads. This was the shock of their life.

Suzanne is a nurse and knew that she had to find the hospital and physician that specialized in high-risk deliveries. After all, "things can happen in an instant" with pregnancy. So Suzanne and her husband decided to find a place that they trusted to deliver their babies - they chose Texas Health Fort Worth and Dr. Bannie Tabor to deliver their babies.

Suzanne carried her babies until she was 30 weeks pregnant - which is absolutely phenomenal! August of 2007 - the Steece quads made their grand entry into this world. They spent several weeks in our Level III neonatal ICU, and went home one at a time.

Phase II of the Steece Quad ad campaign is coming soon - so keep your eyes peeled for more...

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  1. awwww! thanks whitney! how very cool. i just can't tell you enough how much we LOVE dr. tabor, harris methodist and all of the amazing staff there! thanks for being a part of our lives!