Friday, August 6, 2010

Healing Through Artwork

The hallways that lead up to the Texas Health Harris Fort Worth surgery area can be an anxious place at times. Before major surgeries, it’s common to see loved ones kiss the patient in the hallway before they go into surgery. In order to create the most peaceful environment possible, these high traffic hallways recently got a “therapeutic upgrade” with the addition of many beautiful pictures and original paintings. Perioperative Services Director Megi Ball and her department coordinated this initiative with a number of physicians.

One of the many art work contributors is E.L. Young. E.L. works in the Surgery Department and is also a brilliant painter who was kind enough to loan some of his original works of art to the surgery area. E.L. is known by many for his quick smile and kind words and it’s my privilege to offer this short interview question and answer (Q and A) with him:

Q: How long have you worked at Texas Health Harris?
A: October 1990, so around 20 years.

Q: When did you start painting?
A: Since 1960. My elementary teacher saw that I stayed in the lines better than the other kids and helped me get started out. I’ve enjoyed honing the craft since then and my passion is drawing pastels. I also love to draw realistic paintings of people that end up looking like real photographs.

Q: What would you like for patients and families to get out of your pictures?
A: A sense of peace so people can focus on what’s important in life and not get carried away by their circumstance. For instance, in one picture there’s a storm cloud overhead but the pond’s waters are still and confident that things will be ok.

Q: Do your paintings have any common theme?
A: Yes, all my pictures tell different stories but the underlying theme is that I like to show the celebration of life even through adversities.

Q: Any other comments?
A: I just hope people stop for a minute and look at the paintings and are grateful for ourselves and one another. I hope that people feel this during their challenging time with the surgery.

Thank you E.L. for giving this personal part of yourself and touching the lives of many people during their time of need. I also wish to thank the many other Perioperative staff and physicians who donated other works of art as just one of many initiatives Texas Health Harris Fort Worth uses to make sure patients and their families have a very satisfied experience.

- Craig Pomykol
Patient Advocate

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